Human Capital and Social Development International (HuCASDEVI) is a registered Non-governmental organisation (NGO) based in Ghana with a focus on youth and community development in deprived communities in Ghana, with several projects geared towards development and capacity building. The aim of HuCASDEVI is to use appropriate training, education and capacity building projects to alleviate poverty, bottleneck to individual and promote social development of the youth and communities. 

And our mission is to have a world where individuals and communities have overcome poverty through skills development, education and capacity building projects. The organisation is administered by young Ghanaian youth who are passionate about youth and community development with education being one of their priorities.
The focus of the organisation is to drive and sustain community development and build the capacity of the youth for sustainable growth.

HuCASDEVI has a five member Board of Governors and a Patron who are also passionate about development. 


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