Celebrating With The Less Privilege (October 2014)

To make her birthday a memorable one and beneficial, Genevieve Adamu contacted my Human Capital and Social Development International (HuCASDEVI) to make it happen. With one of HuCASDEVI's objectives being support to orphanages, Human Compassion Organisation (HCO) in Pokuase in the Greater Accra Region of Ghana was selected. As was done for Christiana Darko of DHL during her birthday, we flooded the premises of HCO with our presence and presents to have fan and spend hours of games with the orphanage. Food, drinks, sweets, dessert, cakes and others were in abundance. I took my football boots back after hanging it up for over 15 years and as usual I was doing my own thing with the football.
To be honest this time with these kids was by far the most exciting one amongst all the visits we have paid them. Not only were we there to celebrate someone's birthday but also to show our love and support for these young ones who for no fault of theirs have been left as orphans. Different local and international games were played and words cannot describe the joy and smiles that these kids had on this day. To make the day a perfect one Human Capital and Social Development International (HuCASDEVI), donated a birthday cake and Fan Milk products (Fan Dango) and water to support the birthday celebration.

I would want to take this opportunity to say a big thank to Nana Adu Gyamfi Akowuah and his wife Mrs Adwoa Akowuah for their donation and decision to be donors to my charity in support of the orphanage objective. Aslo I want to thank Madam Rosemary of Rosemary Catering Services in Kumasi for the birthday cake in support of my charity works. God richly bless them all for their support in kind. This wonderful occasion wouldn't have been possible without you. These children deserves more than just a day visit by people or groups who will pass by to spend few moments with them which is not frequent. If people will and group will constantly make it a point to be visiting this and other orphanages then their lives will change and they will be constantly happy. You can make a regular support to HuCASDEVI to be able visit these and other other kids in orphanages to make their day and lives better. It is said that things that will be useful to these kids are wasted by the 'halves' but we can change this and make these children happy. Let's put an end to waste and make good use of the much needed things. There is more that you and I can do to ensure the happiness of orphans.
Let someone be thankful to God for your existence because you have made a positive change in their lives. HuCASDEVI selects a foster home and an orphanage to assist every year in order to ensure that the orphans are properly taken care of and their needs are met. It is very true that we cannot do everything about a situation but we can do something about the situation and it is the something that you can do about a situation that HuCASDEVI is encouraging you to do. In our own little way lets strive hard to make it happen for this and many orphans in the world.
Everylittle helps and nothing is done from the heart that is small to the receiver. HuCASDEVI believes that if smaller efforts towards the happiness of these and many orphans are brought together, then we will be able to overcome sadness, antisocial behaviour, bitterness, stress and depression on the side of these kids. Being left unattended to is tantamount to neglect and being neglected leads to the development of unacceptable behaviours. Why should we sit down unconcern about a problem that can be avoided to develop into a large scale.


HuCASDEVI with its commitment to advancing the development of communities and supporting the needy in societies will on Saturday, February 7, 2014 make a donation to OrphanAid Africa; an orphanage situated at Ayenya, which is a two hour drive from the capital, Accra.

HuCASDEVI will interact with orphans at the orphanage to put smiles on their faces and to encourage them do their best in whatever they are doing and most importantly to show them love. 

It was a great moment interacting with these young children who lives in the outskirt of Accra, ensuring that they enjoy the time we spent we them. We had time to play and sing some beautiful games and songs with them respectively. There was no one amongst us nor them who was unhappy at the end of our visit and donation.

HuCASDEVI And ZOE Christian Fellowship Visit and Donate To OrphanAid

11th March, 2014 was a remarkable day for me as an individual who loves helping the needy and HuCASDEVI, which exist to assist deprived communities, orphans and promote education and development. Human Capital and Social Development International (HuCASDEVI), Ghana and Zoe Christian Fellowship (ZCF), from the United States of America blessed OrphanAid Africa Basic School and Junior High School, OrphanAid Foster Home children both in Ayenya No: 1 and OrphanAid Special Need Children's Home at Dome in Accra.
We visited the School to play with them, share the Word of God, donate gift items to the students and school and finally prayed for the students and teachers.

The most amazing thing about the donations was the personalised gift packs, which were specifically designed and packaged for the 30 children at the foster home. We asked the children to let us know what special gift(s) they really wanted two weeks before our visit and to God's glory they were provided and the children couldn't believe their eyes. Elaine from ZCF, shared her story as a foster kid when she was a child growing up and it was so touching that the children were encouraged and touched and Elaine couldn't hide her tears.

Our last stop was a visit to the OrphanAid Special Need Children Home at Dome. Interacting with the kids and giving them personalised gift pack was so touching. Playing with them and singing was a display of care and love.The team prayed with the children and left. Items donated included educational materials to help the children to excel in their education.

Myself and my organisation alone cannot reach out to the less privilege within our societies but with the help from you and others we can put smiles on the faces of these people. Let's join hands together to promote education, support orphanages and assist in the development of deprived communities in our socieities. We can surely do it.

HuCASDEVI Visits and Donates To Human Compassion Organisation 20/08/2014

We were at it again doing what we are passionate about; putting smiles on the faces of the less privilege in the society. This time around it was in a grand style due to the nature. A birthday celebrant decided to celebrate her birthday with the orphans at Human Campassion Organisation (HCO) at Pokuase together with HuCASDEVI on Saturday, June 7, 2014. Christiana Darko of DHL Ghana remembered the plight of the less privilege so decided to celebrate her birthday not with the haves but have nots in the society. It was awesome and fantastic seeing these children who through no fault of theirs have been orphans laughing, smiling and having fun eating their lunch. Human Capital and Social Development International (HuCASDEVI) together with Christiana and her friends made the orphans at HCO very happy interacting and playing with them and most importantly providing them with special lunch; pizza, chicken, doughnuts, pastries, soft drinks etc. Human Compassion Organisation is a small charity taking care of 20 orphans who have lost parents through various means and most sadly HIV and AIDS. HuCASDEVI's objective is 1. Reach out to orphanages, foster homes and needy Schools with the requisite support 2. Alleviate poverty through self-funded projects 3. Train youth to identify their potentials 4. Use education to campaign against all forms of abuses. 

HuCASDEVI's visit and donation to HCO together with Christie during her birthday celebration. Items that were donated included bags of rice, sugar, oil, toiletries, noodles, packs of bottled water, soaps and detergent and other important items.

 Monday, July 28, 2014 was a national holiday in Ghana. To make good use of the holiday doing what we were established to do, we once again visited the orphans at the Human Compassion Organisation at Pokuase in Greater Accra Region of Ghana to donate and spend time with them. These kids are lovely and it was fantastic seeing the smiles on their faces. We thank God for establishment of HuCASDEVI giving it this objective because it feels so awesome to be a blessing to others especially the needy. This trip wouldn't have been great without the genuine and kind support of Mr & Mrs Owusu-Amoateng of UK and Mr & Mrs Robbin of USA. They're really great and supportive friends and we thank them for their unflinching support to this charity. The children (Orphans) were given clothings and shoes. To crown everything for the day we played and had fun with the children.

Presentation the children (orphans) at HCO during HuCASDEVI's visit and donation on the 28th July, 2014. It doesn't matter how little you think you freeewill  support to the needy is, it helps so make a big decision to support the needy with your support to put a big smile on their faces. Don't wait till you get excess to support the needy in the society because every little helps and your little support today can make a big change in someones life. A journey of a thousand mile start with a step so start now.
 We can do more than we think we can do if we only we try but postponing what we ought to do
Honourable putting on his newly given shirt, trousers and holding on fast to his school bag. He's so cute.
 Genevieve, Ike, Irene and the Executive Director of HuCASDEVI; Kwadwo Konadu (K.K) decided to make quality use of their weekend by eating and playing games with the orphans at the Human Compassion Organisation in Pokuase in the Greater Accra Region of Ghana. They ate rice n noodles with egg and meat then refreshed themselves with chilled Malt and Avero both soft drinks. Games played included Basketball, Ampe, volleyball and other local interesting games. The team entertained the orphans and vice versa and no wonder some of them were crying when it was time for us to leave. You can support my charity works in kind or in cash so together we can put big smiles on the faces of the less privilege
These kids can live their dreams with a simple smile shown them and smile can be shown in diverse ways; spending quality time with them to make them feel that they are not alone but cared for. They have big dreams of becoming great people in future but all these dreams can be dashed or go unattained without the requisite support. The fact that they are not our family members doesn't mean we shouldn't attend to their needs. Yes they may not be our family members but they are part and parcel of the human race and therefore should be cared for and loved. Come out of your shells and reach out to these children and make them live their big dreams in life.

You don't need much to make a change and remember every little helps. You can help us reach out to many other less privilege people who are in need in Ghana, wherever you are. You can check from the 'What You Can Do' page at 


Using Drama To Promote Education In Deprived Communities

In my quest to promote education in deprived communities in Ghana as part of HuCASDEVI's charity works in the Country, I visited Otinibi, which is in the Greater Accra Region of Ghana and under the La-Nkwantanang Municipal Assembly (LaNMA), where children of School going age are involved in stone quarry. A very high percentage of these children who form chunk of the population have chosen stone quarrying at the expense of of education and sees nothing wrong with this. In an interview with the children themselves and their parents, it was revealed that they were involved in the stone quarry activity due to their inability to pay their school fees and feed their family. Thus poverty has forced them to engaged in the stone quarry work to be in a better position to cater for the family.

 To promote education and bring to the community the importance of education in the development of deprived communities, I wrote a drama and picked students from the Otinibi Basic School to rehearse and act the play. The cast also involved students who have either once worked at the stone quarry or are still working there and attending classes. This was done to portray and bring to light the reality on the ground. After a month and a week of rehearsals, Friday, February 14, 2014 was set for the grand programme for 'The Most powerful Tool for Change' project, which aimed at promoting education through drama. We were overwhelmed by the number of people who attended the programme. We were expecting only 400 people but had over 800 people attending the programme to watch the educative and entertaining drama. Students from four private schools and two public schools, proprietors and proprietress of schools, the Municipal Chief Executive (MCE) for LaNMA, representative for the Chief of Otinibi and the community attended the programme, which was also covered by Adom FM, Obono FM, Multi TV and Net 2. 

I am grateful to God for using us to reach out to the deprived and making positive impact in and on the lives of people.

Though only one of my sponsors turned up but God in His own way provided for the refreshment of every individual who attended the programme.Through this programme aimed at promoting education in deprived communities, the Chief of Otinibi has passed a law prohibiting children of school going age from going to the quarry site to engage in quarrying. This has helped increase the enrolment level in various government and private schools. Community members were educated to come to the realisation that basic education in Ghana is free due to the Free Compulsory Universal Basic Education (FCUBE) programme. 

HuCASDEVI Assist In The Re-roofing and Painting of A School 19/08/2014

Seeing over 6 missed calls from a particular number on my phone after conducting training for Vendors for one blue chip Company in Ghana, I deem it was very important so called back. It was a call from the Assistant Headmistress for Madina 3 Junior High School in the Greater Accra Region of Ghana who had called to see how my charity can help her school out of the terrible condition it finds itself when it rains. It sounded very sad so decided to send two of my volunteers and Project Officers to go and access before I follow up myself since I was away from Accra. The news from them wasn't pleasing so went there on my own to see with my own eyes and below are the pictures from the school. By God's grace I have taken it up to re-roof, patch and paint the school for them. Hoping to complete this before the School resumes from vacation on 9th September, 2014. The last pictures shows progress on the re-roofing which will be followed by the painting. May God give me more strength and resources to reach out to the unreached in the society to fulfil my calling and mission on earth. It feels so good to be there for the needy even if it is just a little help cos every little helps. Remember the statement of late President of South Africa, Nelson Mandela that "Education is the most powerful weapon that can be used to change the world". For this reason children should learn under good and quality environment to ensure quality teaching and learning.

This is the deplorable conditions that teachers and students at Madina 3 JHS in the Greater Accra Region teach and learn respectively. It is so pathetic for teaching and learning to go on under this condition. Concentration and absorption will be so minimal under this situation and there is little chance that these students will do well academically to push them closer to their dreams.

The above are pictures taken from the School by HuCASDEVI during our visit to the school when we were called upon by the Assistant Headmistress to assist the School. Students stand on desk during rainfall in order to escape the flood as classroom get flooded when it rains. The brownish markings in the first picture indicates the water level when it rains.

These two pictures represent the kind of building that students at the Madina 3 JHS study and teachers teach. Sustainable education cannot be achieved and maintain under this condition and proper teaching and learning cannot go on under this environment. Remember education is the most powerful weapon that can be used to change the world as stipulated by the late South African President; Nelson Mandela. These children deserve better than this and that is why HuCASDEVI is helping to get the school renovated.

These two pictures were taken during the roofing of the school on Monday and Tuesday, July 7 and 8, 2014.
The roofing of the classroom with the highest leaking problem has been dealt with and now left with living us with the patching and painting of the school. The organisation doesn't receive any external funding to fund its projects and as such delays implementation of projects due to lack of or insufficient funding.
You can support our charity to help renovate this school and others for sustainable education and development, which cannot be attained without the requisite facilities most especially infrastructural facility. Why not head to our crowd fundraising webpage to support us help and renovate this and many educational structures.
 Thank you


The 11th to 13th April was Global Youth Service Day; a day dedicated for young people to positively influence their societies and communities in positive ways. To mark the last day of the celebration of GYSD an HIV and AIDS  Awareness Community Education was organised on Sunday, April 13, 2014 at Afroadjei in the Eastern Region of Ghana. HuCASDEVI used the occasion to create awareness and educate the community on HIV and AIDS. The programme brought together two chiefs, Youth Leaders and Community Elders from three towns. Every age group was represented at the programme with the exception of young babies (0-12 months). It was amazing how the crowd attentively listened to the presentation  given by Mr. Kwadwo Konadu (K.K), the Executive Director of HuCASDEVI on HIV and AIDS. You could literally see from their faces that indeed they were not aware of most of the things concerning this viral disease especially the causes and the statistics availble.

The people were refreshed after the programme to make them happy since they spent at least four hours of their time for the programme and it is was worth it. There was therefore the need to refresh them as Jesus Christ did to the 5000 after ministering to them.

 It was an amazing day seeing the enthusiasm that the community came with to listen to the information that was specifically prepared for their exclusive consumption.
Vital questions were asked by community members including a chief and some Elders from the the three communities.

People freely asked questions to get answers to make things clear to them. Due to the rising rate of teenage pregnancy in the community, the youth and teens were our main target and we were happy that most of them turned up for the programme includingthose who were pregnant. The youth of every community forms the workforce and future leaders for the community hence destroying their lives means destroying the community's life.

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