Education is the bedrock of every country and development of a country cannot be attained. It is very, very important for a country to give valuable attention to the education of its citizenry to ensure that there are always people available to steer the development wheels of the country.

Education is one the key areas of concern to HuCASDEVI and is given the requisite and vital attention because of its potential of assisting the young people in the country actualise their potentials to bring about the best in them leading to the country's development. HuCASDEVI believes that education is the only legacy, inheritance or property that can be given to a child by a parent or guardian, which cannot be taken away from him/her. Compared to any other property; being it mansion, cars, businesses etc, they can be lost within a twinkle of an eye and the child will suffer greatly but with education they can retrieve what they have lost.

HuCASDEVI through its education promotion campaign or project duped "The Most Powerful Tool for Change", uses drama to promote education in deprived communities where education isn't given the attention needed and as such literacy and school enrolment are at their lowest.
Baseline researches are conducted in deprived communities where children of school going ages are not in schools but out of school and most often engaged in income generating ventures. The baseline research enables HuCASDEVI to identify the cause of the aforementioned issue and through drama using students from a selected school; a play is acted and watched by the whole community to address the issue at hand.

This campaign has been very effective in addressing educational problems in deprived communities. A case study is the one that was held on 14th February, 2014 at Otinibi in the La Nkwantanang Municipal Assembly in the Greater Accra Region of Ghana, which was attended by over 800 people. See pictures under events and news
We hope to reach many deprived communities facing educational challenges to address this issue to encourage parents, guardians and the whole community give the required attention to education.
Our education promotion campaign project also assist deprived and needy schools when funds are available and donors come on board to assist. One of such school assistance project is the re-roofing and painting of the Madina 3 JHS in the Greater Accra Region of Ghana. You can see pictures of the project in the News and Events column.


People especially children for no fault of theirs become orphans or foster children and needs love and attention to prove to them that people still really have them at heart and will do what it takes to make them happy.
Some children lose their parents through natural disasters, accidents and sicknesses and others get neglected by their parents and even extended families. Some of these children get traumatised by the experiences they go through and really need love and care.

It is for this reason that HuCASDEVI visits orphanages and foster homes to donate essential items to them and also spend time to have fun and play with them showing them love, affection and care. Putting smiles on their faces is so wonderful and an assurance that people really care about them. 
Through HuCASDEVI 's own financial commitment and sonations from mostly individuals who believe in our vision, mission and objectives, we are able to bless orphanages and foster homes withh much needed items to bring joy to these people.

It is true that we cannot do all things to get situations solved but we can do something to aid reach the solution. HuCASDEVI holds on to the fact that "every little helps", so we can all do our bit in the fight against hopelessness, loneliness, neglect, poverty, depression, hunger and put big smiles on the faces of people

These children are going through hard times and need a shhoulder to put their heards and cry but who is there to offer them their shoulders? HuCASDEVI is there and will always do our best to bring happiness and joy to these children to enable them forget every bad experience they might have had.

OrphanAid Africa in Ayenya No: 1 and Human Compassion Organisation in Pokuase both in the Greater Accra Region of Ghana are some of the beneficiaries of such visits and donations from HuCASDEVI and pictures of our recent visit to the home can be seen at the event and news page.  

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